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Call for Presentations

PA APCO Annual Spring Conference 

April 10 – 13, 2022

Eden Resort and Suites – Lancaster, PA


We are excited to begin planning for the 2022 PA APCO Annual Spring Conference.  The conference will offer a wonderful opportunity to present new information and ideas relevant to Public Safety Communications. Speakers will gain visibility and credibility in the eyes of their peers while making a significant contribution to the Public Safety profession.  Over the years the PA APCO Annual Spring Conference has offered great networking opportunities and has led the way in providing informative presentations to all attendees, yet the 2022 Conference has the potential to offer so much more!  Look at all we have accomplished “on the fly” in the last eighteen months, obstacles we have faced head on and conquered.  The new ideas we have tried, and succeeded with, the old ideas we had to resurrect and put back in motion.  Now is the time to share your knowledge and experiences with those who can relate to you, learn from you, and give you feedback.


Session presentations are 50 minutes in length.  Sessions will be placed in one of four tracks over the three-day conference. These tracks are specifically aimed toward Telecommunicator Training, Management Topics, Technical Training/Information, and Lessons Learned. There are limited time slots for sessions, therefore early submission of the Presentation Proposal Form is beneficial.  If your presentation will not fit into a 50-minute block please note that on your Presentation Proposal Form and arrangements will be made for a longer time allotment. 


If you would like to submit a proposal to present at the 2022 PA APCO Annual Spring Conference, please fill out the Presentation Proposal Form.  Return the form to me via email at by January 15, 2022.  Early presentation and confirmation of program topics will allow for pre-conference promotion of the educational opportunities that will be available at the PA APCO Spring Conference. 


Commercial vendors who would like to present an educational session pertaining to public safety at the 2022 PA APCO Conference must be a conference sponsor or exhibitor.  Commercial vendors must contact Alan Pugh, Commercial Committee Member, via email at to complete necessary conference sponsorship or exhibitor forms before submitting a Presentation Proposal Form.


The sessions offered at the PA APCO Annual Spring Conference provide attendees with the opportunity to learn new information and technology associated with Public Safety; it is also a great place to network with other Public Safety Professionals, meet new people, and continue long ago made friendships.


We hope to see you at the PA APCO Annual Spring Conference in April 2022!


Beth A. Baylor,

PA APCO 2022 Annual Spring Conference Program Chairperson

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