York County 9-1-1 CAD Administrator




911 – 120 Davies Drive, York

Job Type



Emergency Services Center

Job Number



Position Summary

The CAD Administrator, under the administrative direction of the YCDES Deputy Director of Resources will be primarily responsible for the 911 Computer Aided Dispatch System 24/7/365.  In addition, the administrator will be responsible for supervising a staff of three (3) YCDES CAD Team members. The CAD Team will collectively be responsible, at the direction of this administrator, for all emergency response plans for the entire county, ensuring that those plans are current and accurate and suggest properly 100% of the time a 911 call is received in York County for assistance. The position ensures proper compliance is established and maintained through development and guidelines, input of CONFIDENTIAL information, and daily verification of work performed by E911 Communications telecommunicators as well as the CAD Specialists under their direction.  This position interacts with Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service agencies to ensure proper compliance is established within the Communications Center. The work for this position involves multiple priorities, complex and numerous tasks and deadlines.   The position requires constant communication across the organizational boundaries with limited resources and little or no precedents or guidelines.  The incumbent must perform competent decision making in fast-paced, multi-task situations which will directly impact the services, systems and reputation of the communication center. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides daily supervision and project planning for three (3) CAD Specialists as related to the development and maintenance of the CAD database and other related communications files

  • Manages maintenance, troubleshooting, and problem solving of the 911 Center’s Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). Checks the work of subordinates for accuracy and completeness

  • Oversees daily development and maintenance of various E911 Communications Center databases

  • Test and supervise the implementation of software versions and point releases in conjunction with the IT Administrator. This includes all updates done at the main Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) as well as the Long Term Back Up Facility (LTBF)

  • Ensures all work with the York County Emergency Management Agency is kept up-to-date and all resource lists and (SARA) facility lists are accurate and current within each department

  • Oversees competency testing for all upgrades and updates to the CAD

  • Maintains, upgrades and completes competency testing of current Medical Dispatch Software (Medical Instruction Software)

  •  Tests all CAD functions monthly at the LTBF

  • Ability to carry out authorized county disciplinary procedures when authorized by 911 Director

  • Prepares an annual budget for the proper allocation of the YCDES CAD Budget

  • Must be able to correspond, create reports and maintain CAD records for all Fire and EMS agencies

  • Troubleshoots and responds to all CAD, Fire/EMS and Dispatcher trouble tickets as assigned

  • Oversees departmental training programs for the CAD system, ensuring all 911 staff members are fluent in the operation of the CAD system

  • Manages the training of all new YCDES CAD Specialists

  • Serves 24/7/365 as the afterhour’s first point of contact for the CAD system. Work on an after-hours on-call rotation to service the 24/7 YCDES and CAD network, which may include receiving text messages and emails from systems upon outages or when conditions occur outside of operating standards and reports to the 911 Communications center as required and/or needed in the event of a System’s Failure, and/or large Emergency event requiring additional departmental support and staff

  • Serves as a departmental liaison with York County public safety agencies (Police, Fire, EMS) as well as other mutual aid counties and agencies

  • Serves on committees and attends meetings relating to public safety, including but not limited to Crisis Intervention Team, Domestic Violence Task Force, Police Working Group, Fire and EMS Working Group, 911 Policy Committee, and New World Systems CAD Advisory Groups

  • Serves as an E911 dispatcher/supervisor when required, must maintain the ability to work the dispatch positions if needed, retains state mandated certifications for Call Taker, Police Dispatcher, Fire/EMS Dispatcher, and Clean Certification

  • Must be able to handle CONFIDENTIAL DATA, disclosure of which is protected by law

  • Completes projects assigned by the senior management staff.

Essential Requirements

·         Four (4) years work experience in the field of Public Safety, and/or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities in the primary areas of: Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Police services.

·         Minimum of two (2) years experience working in a CAD database.

·         Sound knowledge of all emergency service agencies, communications consoles, radio receivers, transmitters, encoders, decoders, departmental e-mail, and any other equipment required in a modern public safety communications center.  

·         Must maintain CLEAN, CPR, ETC/APCO, PEMA and EMD certifications.  

·         Excellent organization, verbal, and written communication skills required along with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

·         Knowledge of the County geographical layout as related to the municipalities and the ability to interpret mapping data as related to the E9-1-1 Communications Center dispatching criteria.

·         Knowledge of County Emergency Service Agencies, and policy and procedure practices for dispatching Police, Fire and EMS agencies.

·         Knowledge of York County Policies and Procedures as well as YCDES Policies and Procedures.

·         Direct supervision of subordinates

·         Must be able to travel to attend trainings and meetings.

·         Must pass the County background check with no record of criminal conviction.

·         Must be available after normal working hours for special meetings and emergencies.

·         Knowledge of computer applications as related to the above agencies.


County of York


28 East Market Street Room 210
York, Pennsylvania, 17401-1586








The County strives to attract and retain top performers.  Offering a comprehensive/competitive compensation package supports this effort.  Compensation packages go beyond earnings.   A Compensation Package is the sum of direct benefits (salary, allowances, bonuses, commissions) and indirect benefits (insurance, pension, vacations, etc.) received from an employer.  Employee benefits are optional, indirect non-wage components of a compensation package provided to employees, in addition to their regular wages or salaries.

The following summary discusses employee benefits made available by the County.

All full-time employees, regularly scheduled to work thirty-two (32) or more hours per week, are eligible for employee benefits and may elect to participate in County offered health plans.
Waiting Period
Full-time employees will be eligible for medical, vision, prescription and dental coverages on the first day of the month following sixty (60) calendar days of employment, upon application by employee.

Other benefits such as life insurance and short-term disability coverages will become effective the first day of the month following ninety (90) calendar days of employment.

Remember-you must enroll to begin your health benefits coverage.

Dependents may be eligible for medical, prescription, vision, and dental insurances. Dependents could include your spouse (any legally married spouse, including same sex and opposite sex), dependents under age twenty-six (26), and unmarried children who are physically or mentally disabled, at any age, so long as the child was disabled prior to age twenty-six (26).

Contribution Rates
When enrolled into health benefits, the employee and the County share the cost which varies by the coverage selection and number of dependents. Employee contributions are paid through payroll deductions.

Contribution rates for medical/health coverages are determined annually by the County and are published for Open Enrollment purposes.

Medical Insurance and Prescription Coverage
Health insurance benefits are considered the foundation of any benefit program.  By providing protection against unexpected and catastrophic medical care expenses, the County's medical care and prescription drug plan is one of your most important and valuable benefit programs.  Employees can experience a peace of mind, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction, by being assured that they and their families have financial protection over medical mishaps.
Health insurance is described as coverage for participants and their dependents, providing payment of expenses incurred by the insured for medical care resulting from sickness or injury.  The County currently offers the choice of two (2) medical plans, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Prescription drug coverage is separate from the medical plan and is administered through a pharmacy benefit manager.  Covered medications can be purchased from a participating retail pharmacy or through the mail order pharmacy.

Employee co-payments for regular office visits, visits to specialists, emergency room, and various tiers of prescription drugs are determined annually by the County and are published for Open Enrollment purposes.

Vision Insurance
Vision insurance is a financial protection plan for reduced costs and/or fees associated with routine preventive eye care, and vision correction services and products.  The County offers both basic and enhanced vision options, with required employee contributions being determined by the choice of plans.

Dental Insurance
Dental plans integrate financial assistance and delivery of services to covered individuals to meet general dental care needs.  The County offers both basic and enhanced dental  options, with required employee contributions being determined by plan selection.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
The County provides three (3) separate FSA accounts that cover (1) medical, dental and other health care expenses, (2) child/dependent day care, and (3) qualified parking expenses.  Your contributions to the FSA are deducted from your pay on a pre-tax basis.  The Medical Reimbursement Account includes a debit card for immediate access.

A Flexible Spending Account can give you significant savings on applicable/eligible expenses not covered by insurance.

Waive Insurance
Full-time employees, who can demonstrate health insurance coverage from another source, may opt out of medical, dental, prescription and vision insurance coverages. Under this arrangement, the employee is provided with an annual pro-rated opt-out payment during the year after the employee has waived insurance.

Basic Term Life Insurance
Life insurance coverage, including an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider, is provided to all full-time employees.  There is no cost to the employee for this coverage.  In the event of death, the County will pay your selected, designated beneficiary(s) a sum equal to your annual salary (rounded up to the nearest $1,000), with a minimum of $25,000, up to a maximum of $50,000.  Coverage remains in effect as long as the employee is actively employed on a full-time basis and terminates upon resignation or retirement.

Optional Term Life Insurance
Employees can purchase additional term life insurance for themselves, and if enrolled, coverage for eligible dependents can be purchased.  Cost is determined via group rates and is paid through convenient payroll deductions.

Short Term Disability
To ensure income protection to employees who have a non-work related accident, injury, or illness that lasts beyond seven (7) calendar days, the County provides a short term disability income insurance plan, at no expense to the employee.   The period of short term disability benefits can be paid up to twenty-six (26) weeks, at the rate of sixty-six and two-thirds (66 2/3%) percent of base wages.

The County Retirement Fund was established to provide ancillary income during retirement, supplementing Social Security benefits, as well as personal savings/assets.
All employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least one thousand (1,000) hours per year are required to contribute to the Plan a minimum of five percent (5%) of their pensionable wages, as defined in the Summary Plan Description, per pay period on a tax deferred basis.   Employees have the option of contributing up to an additional ten (10%) percent to the fund on an after-tax basis.

Contributions will commence immediately, and will be reflected in your initial pay, and every pay period thereafter.  The County provides a yearly personalized statement to participating employees regarding the status of their individual pension account.

Upon the earlier of completion of five (5) years of employment service or reaching the age of sixty (60), participating employees are considered to be "vested"  (entitled to receive a pension benefit).

Deferred Compensation Plan
Employees may participate in an optional deferred compensation plan [457(b)] which may provide  tax advantages and future retirement savings.  Such arrangements, making it easy for employees to voluntarily set aside more money for retirement, are made directly with the provider.  The sole responsibility of the County is administering payroll deductions.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
To help in resolving personal matters that affect families or job performance, the County provides confidential access to professional counseling services for employees and their immediate family members.  An employee or qualified dependent is eligible to receive up to three (3) counseling sessions, individual or group, at no cost, after which sessions may be covered by an employee's health insurance plan.  This program provides for anonymity of the employee and/or dependent.  The confidentiality of clients is always maintained, except under certain legally required instances.

Eligibility commences on the first day of employment.
The County designates thirteen (13) paid holidays each year.   Eligibility commences the first day of employment; however, in order to receive holiday pay, an employee must be on compensable time the scheduled workday before and the scheduled workday following the holiday.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
The County provides a flexible approach to time off, acknowledging that employees have diverse needs for time away from work, such as rest, relaxation, illness, etc.   To meet those needs, the County offers a PTO benefit to full-time employees, working at least thirty-two (32) hours per week on a regular basis.
PTO is accumulated monthly upon hire or transfer into a benefit-eligible position.   PTO accumulations are available for use following ninety (90) calendar days of employment.
The County recognizes the need for time away from work in instances of personal loss. Full-time employees who have a death in their immediate family are granted time off with pay in recognition of the need to make arrangements associated with the death and to attend the funeral or memorial service.  Dependent upon the relationship of a deceased family member, employees may receive up to four (4) days with pay. 
Tuition Reimbursement
The County's primary objective in the implementation of tuition reimbursement is to improve the work-related skills of employees for the benefit of the citizens of the County.  All full-time employees who have successfully completed one (1) year of employment may be eligible for tuition reimbursement involving degreed program courses of study, through accredited colleges, universities, trade schools, on-line learning sites or other approved training institutions, which are directly related to the employee's position, agency and/or departmental needs.

Jury Duty
Employees summoned for jury duty shall be granted time off while attending court as a jury member.  Subject to proper submission of documentation and following detailed procedures, the employee will be paid by the County at his/her normal base rate of pay.

The information in this summary of benefits is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change or update without prior notice.  The County reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes in products, pricing, or programs described in this information at any time without notice.